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Major Episodes

Episode 1402 – Correctable Mistakes 12:51-15:02

Episode 1374 – Anna & Elsa FP+ Update

Episode 1212 – Touring The World Under 40″

Episode 1054: Costume Changes

Episode 846: Character Meet And Greets

Episode 635: Tip For Today Between 14’05” and 15’05”, and 16’30” and 17’15” – character meets and Streetmosphere in the parks.

Episode 631: A Mom With Character

Episode 453: Ace Ventura

Episode 432: Theme Park Etiquette Revisited From 15’30” to end.

Episode 252: Characters in the parks

Episode 109: Francis Floot

Episode 88: Princess Aurora

See also the Guests who have appeared on the show page under “Working for/with Disney”.

Cast Members

1388 5:53 Eric from Delaware asks if Disney parking attendants can give out traffic or parking tickets

1376 9:06 Geno from Canada ponders qualifications to become Mayor Weaver of Main Street USA, as Matt attempts Improvisation

1364 4:32 Brett ponders costumes worm by non-Cast Members at the parks

1352 9:08 Jack from Massachusetts asks about reserving FastPass Plus on My Disney Experience with a Silver Pass

1313 26:15 Jacklyn from Maine discusses park hopper tickets, and asks how to compliment a Cast Member’s performance to Disney

1269 15:13 Vanessa shares a positive Cast Member experience

1251 3:54 Norman from Texas ponders the best and worst ride operator costumes at WDW

1226 17:57 Brian from North Carolina talks about the 3:00 parade joke from a Cast Member’s perspective

1207 22:57 Jeff discusses good cast member experiences

1207 20:18 Jeff discusses poor cast member experiences

1186 17:33 Melanie from Los Angeles shares a Disneyland trip report and asks about random questions that Disney might actually accommodate

1148 17:04 Barry asks about the liklihood of middle-aged people becoming cast members

1127 4:07 Stan from Canada talks about Episode 1123-From the Home Office in Youngstown Ohio

1121 29:30 Rob from Maryland asks about working for Disney

1091 9:05 Dan from New Mexico shares an awkward Cast Member interaction he witnessed at MK. Matt discusses the role of custodial castmembers

0570 17’25″: William asks about favorite Cast Members.

0534 24’05″: Jamie from Virgania asks working for Disney in his 40s.

Melanie of TN wants to know about fraternizing with Cast members.

Jenny of OH wants to know how to start a conversation with a Cast Member.

Dave also wants to know about working for Disney in the parks in a position where he can interact with guests.
Brian of LA wants to know what kind of discount Cast Members get for dining.

Derek also wants to know what Disney looks for in the international cast member program.

Michael of MA wants to know if we’ve ever thought of being cast members and where we would work .

Nancy of RI wants our opinion on getting a good job for working for Disney.

Jillian of NY shares what Cast Member discounts are like.

Carlos of TX wants to know about the Cast Member Atlas.

Mike of NY wants to know if working for Disney ruins the magic.
Mike Newell says it is really a job to work at Disney.
Matt said his fiancee worked for Disney and she didn’t lose the magic.
Matt thinks more magic is lost by moving closer because you go so often.

David of IL wants to know where he can get cast member materials and handbook.
Len suggests [1]Ebay.

Benson of GA wants to know where we would work in the parks if we worked for Disney.
Mike Scopa mentions the [2]announcement regarding a Dream Job at Disney.
Mike Scopa would be a Voice of Liberty.
Len always wanted to be a skipper on the Living with the Land cruise but will settle for narrator on Spaceship Earth.
Mike Newell would want to be a monorail pilot.
Matt says he would work for Tower of Terror.

Kyle wants to know if we’ve had any experience with rude cast members.
Matt reports one instance of a rude cast member.

Mike of Australia wants to know of any stories we have of when cast members did something special for us.
Matt has a story of what a cast member did when his friends got locked out of their room.
Mike Scopa recalls a birthday surprise for his wife in his room.


1415 15:01 Sigrid from Wisconsin asks if talking Mickey in the Town Square Theater can sing the “hot dog dance” from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

1364 22:50 Robert discusses character meets

1355 6:48 Oliver from the UK asks if Mickey responds to letters

1300 5:05 Brian from New York asks about FastPass Plus protocol for parents experiencing character meets with their children

1260 24:03 Dave from Pennsylvania asks if the hosts have ever seen the same character appear simultaneously in separate areas of a park

1198 5:40 Dave from Pennsylvania asks about the same character appearing simultaneously in the park

1186 11:29 Dawn from New York asks about the popularity of the Brave meet and greet and general touring plan order

1171 13:42 Kyle from Utah discusses characters in the parks

1148 29:13 Irene from Massachusetts asks about policy for dressing up as characters in the park

1137 18:45 Joe from England asks the hosts for their favorite attraction-based characters. The guys get into an extended discusson of Waldo from Muppetvision

1136 7:54 Karen from Kansas asks about Wall-E in the parks

0686 20’40″: Martin from TX asks about Lion King experiences apart from the two attractions.

0630 14’35″: Melissa from TX would like more Cars in the Parks.

0621 16’45″: Connor would like to be a Character.

0603 17’40″: Matt from Kansas asks about getting Autograph books.

LS033 80’40″: Philip asks if there is a good time to meet Mickey in the Magic Kingdom.

82’05″: Philip asks whether there are random people who are fixtures in the Parks.

LS31 Part 2 – 32’35″: Danny from NC from Episode 533 recently went to Disneyland, and compares the two parks, including the face characters.

0540 27’55″: Ricky from England asks about huge characters around hotels.

Aaron of ME wants to know about Malificent and if you can meet her or see her.

Susan of MI wants to know about meeting Jack Sparrow outside of Pirate and Princess Parties.

Cheryl of NJ wants to know about being a character.

Kate of MI wants to know if we’ve seen the characters without their head off.

Renee of OH suggests the Disneyland sing-a-long video for anyone who wants to acclimate kids to the idea of seeing park characters before they go.

Lindsay of IL wants to know if Disney World still has fur characters water skiing.
Len says Lindsay is talking about the Wonderful World of Water Ski Show and is from the 70’s and the website [3]widenyourworld has information on it.

LS03 Bridgette wants to know where she can meet Ursula in the parks

Matt referenced a site that listed the characters

Bridgette also wants to know other places to meet Ariel other than her grotto

Melissa of Sleepy Hollow, NY wants to know where the Little Einsteins characters at the Studios will be.
Mark hasn’t heard about any changes to Playhouse Disney but has heard for sure that they will be appearing at the Hollywood & Vine restaurant starting June 25 (June & Leo) for breakfast and lunch.
Matt has seen the Little Einstein characters in the parks on Mickey Avenue for meet-n-greets near the Jojo & Goliath meet-n-greet across from the entrance to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.


[4]Francis Floot emails us to thank us for the mention

Matt really enjoys the Francis Floot streetmosphere character.

LS01 Part 3 – 0’00″: Luke from Canada want autographs of the Seven Dwarfs, and want to find in advance where the characters are.

Part 3 – 33’45″: Tracy from Wisconsin asks where Scopa’s favorite place to see Belle.

Jennifer Morgan wants to know how to get autographs from hard to find characters.
Matt finds alot of the new characters are found at the Studios such as Kim Possible, Little Einsteins and the Power Rangers.
Matt mentions also there’s a fine line between hard to find and second-tier characters.
Mike Scopa says at the Studios you can find the soldiers from Toy Story at Al’s Toy Barn area.
Mike Scopa says you can find Alice or Peter Pan at Tony’s Town Square (Magic Kingdom).
Mike Scopa recommends stopping by Guest Relations and asking which characters will be around and recommends looking in nooks and crannies such as behind the United Kingdom pavillion.
Matt says you can always ask a Cast Member.


See also Pixie Hollow.

0594 23’15″: Steven asks about waking up Tinkerbell.

LS033 22’45″: Tina from TX asks about waking up Tinkerbell in the afternoon.

0543 18’25″: JR asks about waking Tinkerbell.

0528 6’20″: Michelle from Iowa asks about waking up Tinkerbell.

Stephanie of MI wants to know where her neice can meet Tinkerbell.
Matt says you can’t meet Tinkerbell.
Mike Scopa says you can see Tinkerbell during the parade at Pirate & Princess Party.
Mike Newell mentions you can see Tinkerbell during Wishes.
Matt explains how to wake up Tinkerbell.
Mike Scopa mentions we met [5]Margaret Kerry.

Jeremy of OH wants details on waking up Tinkerbell.
Matt says you have to be the first family into Tinkerbell’s Treasures (Fantasyland) and the child has to ask the Cast Member to wake up Tinkerbell.
Jeremy also wants to know where in MGM you can meet Sorcerer Mickey.
Matt says you can find him on Mickey Avenue between the entrances to Backlot Tour and the old Who Wants To Be A Millionaire building and he’s there nearly all day.

College Program

1334 25:55 Sydney from Washington asks about the Disney College Program. Matt mentions Episode 88 – The Magic Makers (Becky King)

1153 17:48 Sherry from Maryland asks about the Disney College Program

0668 17’30″: Karlon from Louisiana asks about the College Programme.

0579 22’30″: Megan from Georgia asks whether she should do the College Programme.

0463 A listener wants to know a good off site hotel near the Disney College Program area. Len says the “Orlando Vista”.

Danny writes to us to let us know he got into the College Program.

Robert Springall of the University of Central Florida writes in and describes the internship program at Walt Disney World.

Schulyer from Philadelphia wants to know about internships at Walt Disney World.
Len recommends the [6]University of Central Florida as they have a great hospitality and tourism school.
Matt mentions Disney has the [7]College Program.
Len cautions you can request a particular place to work but there are no guarantees.
Matt says it has long hours, low pay and most people like it but understand you’re not just going to be going to Walt Disney World every day.

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