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Introduction, Ease of Use and Hidden and System Files

These videos highlight different aspects of Filecats: Introduction (2’34”) Introducing Filecats, The Cataloguing programme. Filecats creates a list of files, folders and subfolders, copied from Windows Explorer to Microsoft Excel? In addition to a column for file names, Filecats adds a hyperlink to the file, and to the folder, columns for file size, path and created, last written and last […]

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How to catalog for machines without Microsoft Office

Filecats Explore and Filecats Metadata There’s now no need to have Excel to use our programs. New for 2015, Filecats Explore allows you to incorporate the information shown in Windows Explorer into a table, so you can investigate or copy and paste the data. Also, the metadata extractor Filecats Metadata can include up to several hundred document properties for each file. […]

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Reading metadata from within Microsoft Office VBA

Table of contents Page 1 Microsoft Office Document Properties (Metadata) – Introduction Page 2 Microsoft Word Properties – Introduction. Page 3 Accessing Microsoft Office Properties in the File Menu This Page Accessing MS Office Properties through VBA – see below. Page 5 Pictures and Photographs document properties Je voudrais lire ceci en français. Me gustaría leer esto en español. Ich […]

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Are these programs safe?

Why should I trust the software on this site? SoftPedia has reviewed both Filecats Standard and Filecats Professional, and has stated that they are “100% Clean”. You can see that this is still the case by going to the Filecats Standard review or Filecats Professional review, and click on the “100% Clean” logo on the SoftPedia website. But is it […]

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