Annual Pass


Major Episodes

Episode 1410 – AP Update

Episode 1081 – When Is Too Much? between 12:25 and 17:20. Discussion of AP value

Episode 907: APs For The First Time Buyer

Episode 638: AP FAQ

Episode 455: Annual Pass Discount On Rooms

Episode 374: Annual Pass and Dining Changes

Episode 222: Annual Pass Q&A

Episode 165: Annual Passes

Episode 51: Changes to the Magic Your Way tickets and Annual Pass discount program

Accommodation Booking and Discounts

1382 8:25 Lindsey asks when Disney will release resort prices for March 2015 and whether there will be Annual Pass discounts during the week of March 29

1263 3:47 Christian asks about getting discounts with Annual Passes for multiple people

1246 14:13 Caroline from Texas asks if an Annual Pass is worth purchasing for her situation.

LS41 29’10″: Karen from Pennsylvania asks when she can get the Annual Pass discounts.

0638 3’20″: Scott from FL asks why the break-event point analysis is based partly on additional benefits. The Panel discuss the additional benefits and the AP discounts.

10’15″: Marty comments on the paucity of AP-discounted rooms, especially during Pop Warner.

0636 11’10″: Kathleen from Massachusetts asks whether there are Annual Pass discounts to DVC (other than Old Key West and Saratoga Springs) and 1- and 2-bedroom villas.

LS37 16’20″: Mike from Colorado needs to get 3 families in 3 rooms, but only has 2 Annual Passes (for Mike and his wife).

18’30″: Len Testa says that the value of the Annual Pass is going down, re accommodation discounts.

LSMM09 Segment 1 – 39’55″: Matt describes the discounts on Annual Pass tickets.

LSE1 51’40″: Nicole from Connecticut asks about getting discounts on Annual Passes, and getting AP discounts on additional tickets.

51’40″: Nicole from Connecticut asks about getting discounts on Annual Passes, and getting AP discounts on additional tickets.

0534 8’45″: Matthew asks about Annual Pass discounts on accommodation, when he hasn’t yet got the Annual Pass.

0519 11’00″: Ellie from NC refers to Episode 455, and got an AP discount with only the voucher.

0510 12’50″: Holly from Tennessee wants to get a discounted room before her Annual Pass becomes valid.

0460 Jess of VA wants to know if she should get an annual pass for her trip for the discounts.

0456 Justin of MA wants to know if there is a limit to the number of rooms one can book with an Annual Pass.

LS25 Part 1, 3’20” Abby from Connecticut is going down in February, first time, and wants to know if she should get an AP discount from the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Len says no, because of the time of year she is going.

LS25 Part 1, 28’45” Brett from Indiana wants to know about the quantity of merchandise at Downtown Disney. Matt suggests that if you see something in the park, buy it there. Matt also comments on the AP discount in the World of Disney.

LS25 Part 2, 1’55” Kim from Pittsburgh also wants to know about the possibility of AP discounts for MagicMeets.

Aziz also wants to know how often Annual Pass discounts are available.

Gary wants to know if Annual Pass discounts for resorts typically are blacked out during Thanksgiving.

Crystal of MN wants to know if she can reserve two rooms at a moderate resort with one Annual Pass.

Len talks of the diminished value that an Annual Pass discount can get you for a hotel room.

Jordan also wants to know if they can apply an annual pass discount when they arrive at the resort.

Brian of TX wants an explanation of the annual pass discount perk.

Fred wants to know if he can get annual pass discounts with using a travel agent.

Brent of CO wants to know when Disney announces Annual Pass discounts.

Kevin of NE wants to know if an Annual Pass would help with getting a lodging discount at a deluxe resort.

Joe of MA wants to know when Annual Passholder discounts usually get announced.

Dave of IL wants to know how much of a percentage the Annual Pass room discounts are.

Justin wants to know why he can’t get an annual pass for his daughter and then book hotels with the AP discount under her name.

George of AZ wants to know if the AP has to be good for the entire length of stay if you book with an Annual pass discount.
Annette says it doesn’t matter as long as it’s active when you check in.

Robert wants to know about keeping an annual pass voucher to get AP discounts.
Matt says if Robert is referring to an annual pass, it’s good for one year.
Matt says an annual pass voucher is good forever until you redeem it.

Brian thinks its wrong that the hotel discounts are limited for annual pass holders .
Len can see the point but points out the point of the annual pass is to get into the parks 365 days a year.
Len mentions annual pass discounts on resorts are offered near year round.
Mike Scopa recommends a good travel agent to get rooms at an annual pass discount.

Russ of UK wants to know if every member of his party have to have an Annual Pass to receive the Annual Pass discount.
Len says for the dining, you just need one person to have the Annual Pass.
Mike Scopa says you can get no more than 3 rooms per Annual Passholder with your discounted rate.

Matt also wants to know how much on average is savings on lodging one can get with an annual pass.
Len says according to Mousesavers, value resorts get a $15-20 per night, moderates $35-40 per night, deluxe is $70-80 per night.
Len says the current discount code is FBZ.

Jason of Avon, CT wants to know if getting an Annual pass is worth it for his trip for the discounts.
Mike Scopa says an annual pass will get you a $25 per night for value resorts and $50 for moderates per night discount.
Mike Scopa doesn’t think Disney will offer as many discount nights as they have in the past.
Matt thinks as long as Jason returns to Walt Disney World once more before the year to his current trip in November, he should be fine.
Len recommends referring to the Mousesavers page on [1]historical discounts.
Len also recommends using a good Disney travel agent.

Chris of [2] wants to know if he can book a room with an annual pass discount if he’s not there at check in and also get another room for other family members.
Mary says you need to be at present during check-in so Chris will need to be there.
Mary says you can get up to 3 rooms with the Annual Pass discount assuming you all check-in at the same time and at the same hotel and checking in together. If Chris wants to have his family show up first and then Chris come a few days, later then that will not work. If Chris comes first and checks in and then a few days later his relatives show up, then that might work..

Beth wants to know why Disney is so selective with annual pass discount offerings.
Mary says they only offer the “leftovers” with the annual pass discounts and tend to have the very expensive room types since those don’t sell as quickly as the cheaper room types.
Mary says it appears that Disney does add new room types from time to time and Mary recommends persistance by calling every day and asking as inventories often change.

Robin from Norwood, Massachusetts wants to know all about the Best Rate Program.
Chris says the Best Rate program has been the way to get codes for Annual Pass holders as there haven’t been Annual Pass codes for a few years.
Mike has a [3]write up about the Best Rate program that explains the whole Best Rate Program.

Sue mentions to always ask if there’s a discount for annual passes while dining, especially at the resorts during lunch.


1427 21:33 Neil from Texas asks if he can make Fastpass Plus reservations 60 days out if he has a room reservation and an Annual Pass voucher but not the actual Annual Pass. Neil also suggests some show topics

142716:05 Mark from Illinois asks if an Annual Pass voucher will suffice for free parking at the theme parks

1399 15:20 Amy asks when an Annual Pass officially activates

0645 1’45″: Tim from DVCNews refers to Episode 638 and says that DVC Annual Pass vouchers do not have an expiration date, and that DVC members can only buy 8 Annual Passes.

0638 8’00″: Michael from NY asks if the DVC-discounted AP voucher has an expiration date.

LSE1 16’45″: Chuck from Virginia asks whether he can exchange his Annual Pass exchange certificates at the International Gateway.

Keith of MA wants to know when his Annual Pass activates.

LS01 Part 3 – 9’25″: Josh asks for the easiest way to activate the Annual Pass voucher from the Yacht Club.

Cruise Discounts

Jeff wants to know if there any annual pass discounts on a Disney Cruise.
Matt says he’s never heard of an Annual Pass discounts on the cruise.

Bob of IL wants to know if the Annual Pass gets you any discounts on the Disney Cruise Line.
Matt says there’s no discount on the cruise line with the Annual Pass.
Len says the cruises book up very quickly so there’s no need for discounts.

Disney Dining Experience Card

See Dining – Listener Questions.

The Disney Dining Experience Card program was changed to Tables In Wonderland as of September 15, 2008.

Disneyland, CA

See Outside WDW

and Disney Vacation Club (DVC)

142716:05 Mark from Illinois asks if an Annual Pass voucher will suffice for free parking at the theme parks

0516 8’45″: Josh for Illinois asks about the break event point for buying an Annual Pass for DVC members, and DVC benefits.

William of VA wants to know if he should get an Annual Pass if he uses his Disney Vacation Club (DVC) membership.

Colin also wants to know if there are any discounts for DVC members on an Annual Pass.

Belinda wants to know the break even point on an Annual Pass for a DVC member.

Kevin also wants to know if it would be cheaper to rent points at a DVC property or get two rooms at a deluxe resort with his Annual Pass.
Len says renting points will be cheaper.
Len says renting a points on the weekdays is very cheap.

Matt says her discount on an annual pass (20% off) for being a DVC member makes it even more enticing.
Matt saysto get the dining plan if you’re a Disney Vacaction Club Member you need to book through the Disney Vacaction Cluib but otherwise it’s the same plan and price as anyone else using the dining plan.
Tim of Masselon, OH asks if the annual pass discounts work on Disney Vacation Club resorts.
Len says they do have discount codes for Disney Vacaction Club resorts and mentions that annual pass holders should be able to get a discount there as there are rooms available to the general public.

Free Dining Plan

Michael wants to know if he can get the free dining plan if he is an Annual Pass.

Amy of FL wants to know if she can get the free dining plan with an Annual Pass.

Brian of AR wants to know if during free dining Annual Passholders can participate in the package.


1391 13:14 Brendan asks if he should purchase an Annual Pass for consecutive January trips

1361 11:55 Michelle from Pennsylvania asks about Annual Passes

1292 16:08 Vanessa from New York asks if she should purchase an Annual Pass

1246 11:09 Vince from Minnesota asks if an Annual Pass is worth purchasing for his situation

1243 9:17 Nick asks if an Annual Pass and a Tables in Wonderland card are worth purchasing for his trip. Nick also asks if he can borrow and use someone else’s Annual Pass if that person will not be present on said trip

1198 10:40 Christian asks about a teenager using an Annual Pass to save money

1192 3:20 Rhonda from Canada asks if it’s worth it to buy Annual Passes in advance

1136 ‎2:42 Curtis from Texas brings up Episode 1132-Oddsmakersand asks about the value of Annual Passes going forward

1094 3:48 Thomas shares a theory about the increased children’s AP price

0749 2’05″: Jonathan from NC asks if he can buy an Annual Pass voucher and redeem it in full after prices have increased.

LS44 114’45″: Trevor could not get the Annual Pass payment plan.

0725 2’05″: Sarah refers to Episode 716, and says that she needs to renew her Annual Pass to get it for 15 months.

LS43 20’50″: Greg from SC asks if he needs proof that his children are his when buying Annual Passes.

0698 10’40″: David from Illinois asks if his Annual Pass is valid for more than one park per day.

LS39 106’50″: Someone asks whether she can buy the 15-month FL-resident Annual Pass now and activate it later.

0660 5’30″: Kirk asks whether her wife can use her ticket towards her Annual Pass.

0648 28’15″: Kimberley asks how frequently the Panel went to WDW after getting their Annual Pass.

0638 16’05″: Kim from NY asked whether an AP is tied to one person, or whether his brother could use it for one day.

0621 2’15″: Katie from Maine would like a separate line for Annual Pass holders.

0618 8’45″: Robin asks whether the Buy 4 Get 3 deal is going to be offered again, or whether he should get an AP.

LS35 20’30″: Becka from Arizona asks whether she should do the Dining Plan or Annual Passes when staying DVC.

96’55″: Becka from Arizona has worked the numbers.

0600 28’20″: Mike from NY asks whether he should buy the Deluxe Dining Plan for all 7 days of his visit (or only for his first resort), or an Annual Pass and Tables in Wonderland.

0591 7’15″: Jessica asks why Annual Pass holders don’t get EMHs.

22’00″: Jack asks whether he should get an Annual Pass when staying 15 days over the year.

0588 2’20″: George from FL says that he can use the 10% discount and the Birthday ticket for purchasing an Annual Pass.

0573 30’35″: Mikee asks whether Disney monitors the use of Annual Passes.

0567 10’05″: Ken in Atlanta wants a DVC Annual Pass but doesn’t have DVC himself.

0552 7’15″: Matthew asks whether using the Free Dining Plan or an Annual Pass is cheaper.

LS30 Part 1 – 33’55” Kim from Maryland is thinking of getting an Annual Pass when getting Buy 4 Get 7.

0519 6’40″: William asks about the break-event point for Annual Passes. Scopa mentions Len’s spreadsheet, as discussed in Episode 165.

0516 18’25″: Kevin from Boston asks about buying an Annual Pass just prior to going to the parks.

Rudy of VA wants to know if he should get an Annual Pass for his trip at a deluxe resort.

Tom also wants to know if he should get an Annual Pass early or wait until closer to his trip.

Aziz wants to know if he should buy an Annual Pass for his entire family to save money.

Steve wants to know if its worth it to have annual passes for his entire family.

Joe also wants to know if an annual pass makes sense for him.

Linette also wants to know if she should get an annual pass for her group.
Matt doesn’t think it makes sense for her group but she should get it.

Robert of CO is going for 10 days to Walt Disney World and wants to know if an Annual Pass would be a good decision to save money.
Mike Scopa thinks it would be a good idea to get an Annual Pass and recommends getting the Disney Dining Experience card.

Jeniffer wants to know when the year of her annual pass begins.
Mike Scopa suggests buying all the annual passes at the same time.
Mike Scopa thinks perhaps Jeniffer doesn’t need an annual pass for all her children.
Matt says your year begins the first day you use it.

Lisa from Trenton mentions you can purchase annual passes in the Disney Store.

Angel of Michigan wants to know if there are any money saving tips on buying an Annual Pass.
Matt says Florida residents recieve a discount on annual passes.
Mike Scopa says there are no discounts on the pass itself.

Sharon of Ocala, FL wants to know if Disney has (or is considering) payment options for high price tickets such as the annual pass.
Mary says Universal offers monthly payment options for their annual pass and Disney does not offer such an option.
Matt says Sharon could get a credit card with 0% APR and use that exclusively to pay off the tickets over the time period where there will be no finance charges.
Mary has heard of guests buying annual pass vouchers spread out over time but the problem is all their activations will come up at the same time since they’ll all likely be activated at the same time.

Kim bought a Magic Your Way ticket and knows she’ll need an annual pass and wants to know how to get an annual pass discount on rooms and events without having the ticket yet.
The Disney Store sells regular Magic Your Way tickets but not Annual Passes.
Mike Scopa says she should get an annual pass for herself and give her Magic Your Way ticket to other people in her party.

Kelly of Connecticut wants to know if only one person in your party needs to have an annual pass for everyone else in the party to enjoy the benefits of an annual pass?.
The answer is yes, so long as the person with the annual pass is doing all the purchasing and the method of purchasing (credit card) is in the name of the annual pass holder.

Chris of Tampa, FL wants to know if the advantages of an annual pass worth it even if you may not get your moneys worth in terms of days attended at the parks.
Mike mentions Chris will save on parking and if he plans on staying at any room he’ll get another discount on rooms as well as a discount on the Disney Dining Experience card.
Mike also mentions that Florida residents get even a deeper discount on Annual passes.

A listener wants to know if it’s possible to add extra days to a 10 day Magic Your Way Pass.
Mike Scopa says there is a reason why the program ends at 10 days and recommends just buying an annual pass.
Mike also mentions you can add more days after a few days that you’ve used the pass but if you need more than 10 days to begin with, Mike recommends the annual pass.

Tim in New Orleans asks some tips and advice on how to maximize the Annual Pass’s ability to save money?.
Mike recommends to first purchase a Disney Dining Experience card because it will save you 20% on your meals.
Len reminds that you have to remember to use it.
Sue mentions there are some nights for Mickey’s Very Christmas Party or Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party where you can save 25% for Annual Pass holders.
You can find Annual Pass discounts all over Mary’s [4] site.
Sue mentions to always ask if there’s a discount for annual passes while dining, especially at the resorts during lunch.
Sue likes to always ask when purchasing anything, especially at World of Disney store at Downtown Disney.

Comparison with Magic Your Way


1361 19:49 Randy from Michigan asks if he should buy an Annual Pass

1352 23:06 Rob from Kentucky asks whether he should purchase an Annual Pass or a 10-day pass with no expiration

LS43 14’35″: Jennifer from Nebraska asks if she should get an Annual Pass for two 6-day vacations.

0638 14’20″: Ryan is trying to decide between 15-months AP and 10-day MYW tickets.

LS35 47’30″: Ryan from Atlanta asks whether he should get AP or non-expiration tickets for the children.

LS033 100’35″: Kim from Maryland asks what the break-even for staying at a Deluxe resort when buying an Annual Pass using the Pass Along voucher.

0522 20’25″: Brett asks about getting an Annual Pass for a stay of 8-10 days.

Tom of IN if he should get an Annual Pass for himself and MYW tickets for his family.

Bob of Ottawa, Canada wants to know if he should buy an annual pass or just get a 10 day park hopper.

Tim of GA thinks we should have compared Annual Passes to no-expiration Magic Your Way Passes in a previous show.

Jeniffer of MD wants to know if it makes sense to get an Annual Pass.
Len says 9 days is right on the cusp of if it makes sense or not.
Len mentions [5]Episode 165 when we taked all about Annual Passes.
Mike Scopa says if she wasn’t using DVC, it would be an easy yes.

Paul also wants to know if he should get an annual pass or Magic Your Way tickets for a 7-10 day stay.
Mike Scopa says Paul should go with the Annual Pass.

Jeniffer wants to know if she should buy an annual pass and wants our opinions on the DVC version of the dining plan.
Mike Scopa says if she’s going 8, 9 or 10 days or more over the span of the year from when you first use it, it’s a good idea to get an annual pass.
Mike Scopa explains the other benefits of an annual pass.
Mike Scopa says it’s so much easier to come down over and over again once you have an annual pass.

LS03 Al from NJ wants to know if a Magic Your Way pass is a better value than an Annual Pass

Ben also wants to know if a 10 day park hopper is a best option for him.
Mike Scopa says unless Ben is interested in getting some of the discounts associated with the Annual Pass and is planning on coming down for another trip within a year, he should be fine with the Magic Your Way pass.

Geni also asks if it’s smarter for her to get an 8-day park hopper ticket or just get an Annual Pass.
Len mentions that staying off-site will detract from the value of the annual pass and Len says unless Geni has another trip planned later in the year, the break even point is closer to 10 days or so for an annual pass.
Mike mentions we talked about this with [6]Chris Carlson in [7]Episode 25 .
Mike also says an annual pass will save you on parking ($9 per day).
Mike recommends writing two columns on a piece of paper and writing the pro’s & con’s of buying or not buying an annual pass and assessing which is the better decision.
Len recommends using the [8]Least Expensive Ticket Calculator.

Randy wants to know how it’s possible to know if he should buy an annual pass for the discounts it gives on lodging or just a Magic Your Way Package if he can’t view the Annual Pass discounts online since he’s not an Annual Pass holder?.
Len says a travel agent would be quite helpful in this.
Mike recommends [9]MouseSavers.

Rich’s second question is when do annual passes become worthwhile investment..
Mike says with the old tickets, it takes between 8-10 days but now with Magic Your Way tickets, it can take up to 12 days to “break even”.
Mike says the real value to get your money back with the Annual Pass is to take advantage of the other perks such as using it to get a discount at the World of Disney store at Downtown Disney, purchasing Disney Dining experience card, getting Annual Pass room discount codes.
Len says Annual Pass holders can get a discount of up to $70 per night on the deluxe hotel rooms, then the break even point could be about 4-5 days, at the moderate resorts, where you can save about $45 per night, the break even point is about 7 days and at value resorts it takes about 10-12 days..
Len reitterates the dining plan discount really pays for itself quite quickly with the Annual Pass discount..


1415 11:54 John from Kentucky asks about converting a five-day Park Hopper ticket to an Annual Pass while still receiving the AP renewal discount

1307 23:30 Paul from Florida shares his experience with using old tickets towards the purchase of an Annual Pass

1091 23:40 Tammy from Texas whether ticket balances can be used toward the purchase of an annual pass.

1373 10:32 Karen from South Carolina asks if her husband can upgrade his park hopper ticket with a water park option to a regular Annual Pass

1373 8:49 Karen from South Carolina asks if she must use her package tickets to activate them before upgrading to an Annual Pass.

0564 18’15″: Julia asks whether her 7-for-4 day tickets can be upgraded to an Annual Pass.

Jordan wants to know if he should upgrade to an annual pass.
Rich shares a story of trying to upgrade his ticket to an Annual Pass.

Jay G of MA wants to know if he can use two seperate Magic Your Way passes towards the purchase of an Annual Pass.
Mike Scopa doesn’t think there will be a problem; Just bring it to guest services.

Matt has unused tickets and wants to know if he can use these tickets toward the price of an Annual Pass renewal and if he’ll get current price value.
Len says you can use the tickets to apply toward the annual pass, but they’ll give you the remaining value of the tickets from when you purchased them.

Michelle Spurier want to know if she can take 4 one-day tickets, under names of different family members, and use them to upgrade to 1 annual pass.
Len and Chris say you can only upgrade with the one ticket per person but Mike recommends asking anyway because you never know.


Nick of GA comments on Annual Passholder merchandise.

Jordan wants to know about Annual Passholder merchandise at Epcot.
Mike Scopa says you can find Annual Pass merchandise at…
Disney-MGM Studios: Sorcerer’s Hat.
Magic Kingdom: Town Square Exposition Hall.
Epcot: Pin Central.
Animal Kingdom: Island Mercantile.
Downtown Disney: Art of Disney.

Janice wants to know about any Annual Passholder merchandise.
Mike Scopa says it is available and there are shirts (t-shirt and golf shirt), hats and pins.
Mike Scopa says there are special shops where you have to get it and is not displayed so it’s behind the counter.
Mike Newell says thee’s a shop in the Magic Kingdom.
Joe mentions a perk of an Annual Pass holder is special days to preview new attractions.

My Magic Plus

1406 22:29 Justin from Arkansas asks if he can make FastPass Plus reservations 60 days out as an AP holder staying onsite

1373 12:06 Karen from South Carolina asks how far in advance Annual Pass holders can make FastPass Plus reservations

1349 20:47 Darren from Connecticut discusses a Magic Band problem he’s having as an Annual Pass holder

1316 2:47 Doc corrects information about Annual Pass vouchers and My Magic Plus

1313 16:31 Glenn asks about obtaining FastPass Plus reservations with an Annual Pass that won’t be obtained until arrival

1301 19:25 Matt from Florida asks if he can link his AP to a Magic Band such as to take advantage of FastPass Plus

1231 10:05 Kenny from Florida asks how Next Gen Fastpass will affect Annual Passholders. Len discusses changes to online Fastpass reservations


1427 7:15 Janet from New Jersey describes her Annual Pass-renewal process and My Magic Plus

1415 6:27 Helen asks about renewing an Annual Pass

1204 18:36 Scott corrects Annual Pass information from 1100

1151 10:53 Michelle from Illinois comments on 1013 and the value of renewing annual passes

1151 8:12 John from Alabama asks about renewing annual passes

1148 22:22 James from Massachusetts asks an annual pass renewal question

1103 19:20 Kurt from North Carolina asks about Annual Pass renewal

1100 4:07 Todd from Michigan asks about annual pass renewal rates.

LS39 29’45″: FigmentRules managed to get $20 off the renewal of her Annual Pass.

0594 11’25″: Tim from Denver asks whether unused tickets have to be used by the specific guest.

LS033 111’40″: Caroline from Alabama asks whether she should renew her Annual Pass, when she is going to stay Buy 4 Get 3 Free.

0555 16’10″: Chloe from Massachusetts asks about renewing an Annual Pass early.

Lisa wants to know if she should renew her Annual Pass.

Kim of AL wants to know when it’s better to renew an annual pass over purchasing a new one.
Len says it’s about how many trips I’m going to take in the 12 month period .
Mike Scopa says because he is consistant every year, renewing works for him.
Mike Scopa says it comes down to how many trips and how many days and being able to time it.

Tables in Wonderland

See Dining – Listener Questions.


1418 13:08 Brian talks about obtaining a Florida-resident Annual Pass

1403 23:58 Randy from Alabama asks if Florida college students can obtain a Florida Resident discount on an Annual Pass

1373 13:02 Laura from California asks about linking her premium Annual Pass to a Magic Band. She also asks if she can use her Magic Band to charge in the parks if she’s only staying onsite for one night.

1295 14:52 Shawn from Florida ponders the value of the Florida Resident Annual Pass

Nicole of CT wants to know if she should get an annual pass or a premium annual pass.

Alex of TX wants to know the difference between an Annual Pass, Premium Annual Pass and a Seasonal Pass.

Mike Scopa says if you make good use of the Premium Annual Pass, then that’s great because it justifies the extra cost.
Mike Scopa says someone who hasn’t tried the perks that come with a Premium Annual Pass, should be weary.
Matt thinks the Premium Annual Pass is good for people who take long trips and go to Pleasure Island.

Sarah Biggs of University of Central Florida wants to know if she wants to upgrade from seasonal parking to a regular annual pass how much it will cost and if it’s worth it.
Len says it will cost around $110 to convert over to an annual pass.
Len definetly thinks it worth it since you wont have to pay for parking as well as the discounts you get and there are no blackout dates with the annual pass.

Jordan from Columbus, Ohio wants to know if there are any benefits to having a Premium Annual Pass over a regular Annual pass in regards to the discounts and such you get with an annual pass.
Mike Scopa doesn’t think there are any and there’s not much reason to get a Premium Annual Pass unless you’re really into the water parks.

United Kingdom

Debby also wants to know if she can buy an Annual Pass if she’s from the United Kingdom.
Mike Scopa reports that UK citizens can’t buy a UK in the UK but can purchase it once in the United States.

Unofficial WDW Today Wiki – by Phillip Burton and Andrew Carrieri

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