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  • Hello Phillip,

    I am completing your course on Udemy: 70-461. Loving it!

    Do you have a course for the 70-462?



    • Dear Kalman,

      It’s great to hear that you are loving my course on Udemy regarding T-SQL (exam 70-461).

      Yes, I do have a course about Database Administration (exam 70-462). This course takes you through a lot of the elements that you can do on your own computer (i.e. without having the need for a network). It looks at the logistics around installing SQL Server, logins and server roles, SQL Server Agent, compression, configuring databases, and much more. It lasts around 10 hours.

      Please click this link to get it for the cheapest price that I am allowed to offer it in Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/70-462-sql-server-database-administration-dba/?couponCode=FILECATS

      I hope you will enjoy it. Let me know what you think!


  • Hi Phillip,

    I am progressing through the course 70-461, 761 currently and am enjoying it!

    Do you have any plans to release a course on 70-762 or the BI Development exams (70-767, 70-768)?


    • Dear Chris,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I’m glad you are enjoying the 70-461/761 course about T-SQL.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any plans at the moment to release a course on 70-762.

      With regards to 70-767 and 70-768, I do have courses on SSAS (MDX), SSAS (Tabular) and SSIS, and these can help towards these exams.

      The above links link to the cheapest prices that I am allowed to offer on Udemy. I hope this helps.



  • I am taking your 70-461 courses through Udemy. I just wanted to say thank you for being very clear and
    thorough with your explanations. Thank you for going every single objective that will be on the exam. I’m really loving your courses. Thank you!

  • Hello

    I have just completed “Microsoft SQL Server-An Introduction (2018 Edition)” and wanted to thank you for providing a great course.

    With regards to Visual Studio, I am only able to get access to a copy of Visual Studio 2019 Community- Would you be able to advise me how best to follow your tutorial as I have not been able to get access to Visual Studio 2017.

    Thank you kindly,

    Benjamin Smith

  • Hello, I’m returning to work after 15yrs and want to refresh my Microsoft Excel, word and powerpoint skills. I have a new MacBook Air and Microsoft Office 365 on my Mac which is what I would using to practice on. I’m looking for advice on where to start?

    • I would start with my Excel courses for Mac. The first one takes you up to intermediate level, and the second to expert level.
      All of these are available on my website – http://www.filecats.co.uk – together with hyperlinks which include vouchers to reduce the price.

  • Hi Philip,

    I have been given your name by a former colleague is the hope you can point me in the direction of increasing my Excel and Word skill set.

    I have a Mac and very basic knowledge.

    Kind regards

    • Hello Carol.
      Thank you for your comment. It’s great that you want to improve your Excel and Word skill set.
      Can I recommend a couple of courses. Microsoft Excel 1 for the Mac takes you from the beginner to a level where you can get certified by Microsoft. It was written specifically for the Mac.
      Microsoft Word 1 does a similar for Word, but it is not specifically for the Mac, unfortunately.
      The links have been encoded to give you a discounted price on both courses.
      I hope that these are useful for you.

  • Alexandra Charman

    Hi Philip,

    I am currently undertaking your PL-900 course and am really enjoying it! I was wondering if you have any plans to release a course for the PL-100 or PL-200 exams? My plan is to move on to one of these once I have taken the PL-900 exam and would love to keep learning with you if either of them are in the pipeline.


  • Hi Philip,

    Loving your courses, happy to say I passed the DA100 exam with your help! I’ve since purchased your courses on SQL,Azure & Excel VBA!

    Was wondering if you have any courses or plan to make, on Python or R?

    Many thanks


  • Hi Phillip,

    I am progressing through the course 70-461, 761 currently and am enjoying it!

    Since English is not my first language. If you have exam cram notes for this course they would be helpful and could you send them to me please.


    • Phillip Burton

      Hi Hitashyam. Near the beginning of each of Sessions 2-7, and in the middle of Session 1, there is a Word document with all of the code that we will be using in that session. I hope that helps. Phillip

  • Hi Phillip,
    Just completed your SSIS course and really enjoyed it and look forward to the next lecture I sign up for.

  • hi Phillip,
    i know you from excel course in udemy , i’m an industrial engineer and my goal is to be a data scientist then i have a question , if you instead of me at my age (21 yrs ) , had bachelor’s degree and your last job was something to do with excel , afterward do you prefer more improve your excel ability or go ahead and learn python , sQl and etc for data science .
    sorry about my grammer ( i’m from iran ) and thank you for read this message

    • Hi Hessam,
      I would look at doing both. If you have moderate Excel skills, then why not go for Expert skills. In addition, knowing a little bit about a lot could put you in a better position to get better jobs or a promotion.
      I would also say that you could get Microsoft certifications which would help prove your skills, but unfortunately you cannot currently take Microsoft certifications in Iran.
      Keep learning!

  • Grateful Student

    Dear Mr. Burton,

    I am taking your DA-100 course, and your PL-900 course is next. I’m grateful for your concise, step-by-step lessons, and find that you have been more consistent than others in aspects like updating, addressing what might be different in our work compared to yours, and not getting ahead of what we have completed so we have to troubleshoot things like unlocking in PowerApps. I absolutely need to go along with the lessons step by step, with my coursework concurring with the instructional videos.

    Also, maybe it’s because I’m a Yank from Texas, but I’ve found that when I slow your courses to 0.75 or 0.5, you start sounding like Sir David Attenborough!

    Thank you for your affordable, accessible knowledge. I have recommended your courses as a cheaper version of the predatory, for-profit coding bootcamps that are often from unaccredited academic facilities here in the States.

    A Grateful Student

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