Hello, and welcome to Filecats.co.uk, a site dedicated to videos on Udemy about SQL Server, Microsoft Excel and Word, and other programs.

The philosophy behind these videos is that education should not be expensive, and so every single one of my courses, which typically last around 2.5-4 hours, is available for $10 – that’s about $3 per hour.

However, you do need a voucher code to get my videos for $10, and here is the code: SQLINTRO

Now, this is the best voucher code that is available for Udemy. Udemy have said that they would issue $19 vouchers, $15 vouchers, and occasionally $10 vouchers.

However, because you have visited this website, you can get my vouchers for $10, either by using SQLINTRO, or by using any of the links on my website.

All my videos come with Udemy’s 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like my course, then return it.

A list of my videos are below.

My videos are as follows:

SQL Server




Reporting Software

SSRS (SQL Server)

Tableau Desktop

Crystal Reports

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

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  • Hello Phillip,

    I am completing your course on Udemy: 70-461. Loving it!

    Do you have a course for the 70-462?



    • Dear Kalman,

      It’s great to hear that you are loving my course on Udemy regarding T-SQL (exam 70-461).

      Yes, I do have a course about Database Administration (exam 70-462). This course takes you through a lot of the elements that you can do on your own computer (i.e. without having the need for a network). It looks at the logistics around installing SQL Server, logins and server roles, SQL Server Agent, compression, configuring databases, and much more. It lasts around 10 hours.

      Please click this link to get it for the cheapest price that I am allowed to offer it in Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/70-462-sql-server-database-administration-dba/?couponCode=FILECATS

      I hope you will enjoy it. Let me know what you think!


  • Hi Phillip,

    I am progressing through the course 70-461, 761 currently and am enjoying it!

    Do you have any plans to release a course on 70-762 or the BI Development exams (70-767, 70-768)?


    • Dear Chris,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I’m glad you are enjoying the 70-461/761 course about T-SQL.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any plans at the moment to release a course on 70-762.

      With regards to 70-767 and 70-768, I do have courses on SSAS (MDX), SSAS (Tabular) and SSIS, and these can help towards these exams.

      The above links link to the cheapest prices that I am allowed to offer on Udemy. I hope this helps.



  • I am taking your 70-461 courses through Udemy. I just wanted to say thank you for being very clear and
    thorough with your explanations. Thank you for going every single objective that will be on the exam. I’m really loving your courses. Thank you!

  • Hello

    I have just completed “Microsoft SQL Server-An Introduction (2018 Edition)” and wanted to thank you for providing a great course.

    With regards to Visual Studio, I am only able to get access to a copy of Visual Studio 2019 Community- Would you be able to advise me how best to follow your tutorial as I have not been able to get access to Visual Studio 2017.

    Thank you kindly,

    Benjamin Smith

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